Distance From Zero – Found Again

A New Year just starting and DFZ are already on it with a New Track. Well, almost new… ‘Found Again’ was originally written for the album ‘Endless Sea’ by Red Sided Garter Snakes (ex-Chameleons John Lever featuring Dave Fielding, members of The Sun and The Moon, SupaJamma, SWJ Group, Bauer and Puressence amongst other excellent North west UK musicians).

DFZ recorded an excellent version that appeared on their Pilot Error album reviewed here on Canned Static, November 2020. Through time DFZ have evolved their sound to the point that ‘Found Again’ needed to see the light as a single version. I loved the 2020 album version accompanied with its minimalistic costal video. The single version takes it up a notch with the doubled up vocals adding a dreamlike quality, almost an anthem feel to the mix. I love it even more and the video is the bee’s bollocks.

The single will be available on www.distancefromzero.bandcamp.com from January 6th 2023.

Can’t wait? Here’s the Bandcamp page for the 2020 version – ‘Pilot Error’ Album.


Distance From Zero – Another Day Another Way

DFZ (busy as ever) drop another video of their new stand alone single ‘Another Day Another Way’. With a subtle shift in a pop direction and a lovely OMD(ish) synth, the DFZ sound still retains. I’m loving the video too.

Check out their Bandcamp – https://distancefromzero.bandcamp.com

Distance From Zero – Shame On You

DFZ hit it out again with arguably one of their best release to date.

‘Shame On You’ goes for the political jugular of our corrupt shits holding the power. Originally recorded back in 2010 the track remained so relivant it was given its proper studio works in 2018 eventually seeing light of day in 2020 as part of the ‘Pilot Error’ album.

They lyrics are so relivant to this (very) day that it’s now got a video update… perfect timing.

The message is strong with a cracking chorus and a backbone bass line to die for. Whats not to love.

Distance From Zero – ‘Say Something’

Back with an echo from their epic ‘new video per month’ 2021 campaign. DFZ are rolling out and ranting on again about the disinformation we are swamped with each and every day. Yes folks its true! Get yer heads out’ the sand and listen in…. Great tune to boot.

Give this great band your support –

Bandcamp – https://distancefromzero.bandcamp.com

facebook – https://www.facebook.com/distancefromzero

Distance From Zero – ‘So Close But Nowhere Near’

DFZ have just released the video to ‘So Close But Nowhere Near’.

The track, originally featured on their 2021 release ‘What The Papers Say EP2’, is a real belter. The whole EP rocks so go check it out over on Bandcamp and give the band some love.

‘What The Papers Say EP2’

Tilo Voigthaus – Under the Surface

Out today is the new release from Tilo Voigthaus, Under the Surface. The 5 track electronic album features the title track fragmented into nine parts spread out over the first 3 tracks with a mix down radio edit featured in 4th and ending with bonus track ‘Dream into the Blue Ocean’ to round off the release.

In no time at all during Under the Surface part 1-3 I’m on an underwater journey with twists and turns gently guided through a feeling of depth and colour. Its lush, futuristic and nostalgic in many ways. I’m loving the ambient elements that come and go, the 4 to the floor gliding that occasionally level out the whole trip before floating off to some other place.

I’ve been listening to Tilo’s music for a number of year now and he does have a unique character of sound that… ‘sounds’ pleasantly familiar with every release. It is the Tilo sound, so to speak; an evolving style that is an intricate web of pulsating analogue waves mashed into a liquid like substance of warmth (that is the lovely strings & pads). More so in this new release is an undercurrent of interspersed samples that are clever yet subtle. These sound are especially wonderful during the link overs during the changing phrases.

Bonus track 5 is gem btw, very ambient, very nostalgic, very beautiful …………………

A brilliant release out now over on Bandcamp


Distance From Zero – Say Something (What the Papers Say October 2021)

Another month rolls on and another rant from Distance From Zero.

Yes it’s What the papers say time with the excellent ‘Say Something’, a surprisingly synth layers gem and somewhat more commercial sounding from previous tracks. Lovely bonus instrumental included.

Listen and love it here –

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Spacemen 3 – Forged Prescriptions (2004)

This is a band I picked up on well late to the party and ‘Forged Prescriptions’ is a revamp of their 2nd album release ‘The Perfect Prescription’ (1987). Spacemen 3 were an indie space rock band who floated around in the late 80’s. Achieving marginal success for a number of years they disintegrated in 1990 just when things were on the up (same old story).

Being a re-issue with built in extras to help promote it is packed with previously lost demos and remixed originals. As a result it does sound odd and out of sorts as do most releases of the like. Also a distinct lack of drums sprinkles more mystique into the mix. Its not a brilliant landmark by any means, rather serves as a relic to a bygone era in the indie evolution. It’s a pick up where you left off type of thing and something to have on in an after party smoker serves its purpose perfectly.

Distance From Zero – ‘Blasphemy’

I can only describe Canned Static as being in a state of stasis of late. Other commitments and busy schedules in life having taken over at this moment in time. This isn’t a permanent situation and normal service will resume sometime in the future.

It took an amazing track from ‘Distance from Zero’ to jolt my sorry self into at least some sort of Static activity.

Checkout this belter of a song, my absolute favourite so far from these guys.

Distance from Zero – Blasphemy

It’s simply an anti-war song. This song featured on their 2020 album Pilot Error

Distance From Zero are SJ Collier – Bass / Vocals /Guitar, Donna-Marie Stevens – Keys Vocals. Guests on this recording are – Dan Adams – Drums, Stephen Wilson Jnr. – Guitar / Vocals /Production

Links –

Pilot Error – album October 2020 – https://open.spotify.com/album/4v2X1R…


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