Johnny Come Latelys – Judas Factor (EP)

Not for the first time have Johnny Come lately graced the words of Canned Static and for good reason too. Their previous carnation, the (EP) Messiah Complex Part 1 breezed fresh air over a predictable & sanitized music scene that we are all choking on.  The eagerly anticipated ‘Part 2’ manifests itself as ‘Judas Factor’, at least I am assuming this is the part 2, it certainly follows through and more…


The 4 track EP kicks off with ‘I Am’, surprisingly more melodic than the previous EP but certainly no sprinkle of cheese here. Synths creeping in over an offbeat guitar, contrasting lyrics, “I am, you are” etc, clever and interesting, after death there is no resurrection. Not for the faith hearted.

‘I Was A Child’ is a lovely song about growing up, the innocence of life through young eyes, pre indoctrination. Particularly like the chorus with the dreamy backing vocals. I feel the real message in the last line “Intoxication, violation, example set, vindication”. Clever stuff.

‘Freedom’ has a cracking bass line, my favourite bass line over both EP’s. Bass envy to one side, synths return spacing out the void with swirling drones, nice touch, not to mention cool as…  I guess Freedom is pretty much the spirit of Johnny Come Latelys, it typifies their mission or fight, goal if you like. Freedom from politics, greed, corruption etc, you get the picture. It’s a solid track with a strong message.

“A Man is Only as Good as His Word” is our final track, again the message is strong delivered with grit and determination. Not the strongest of the bunch but stuck on the end it… well, ends the EP well…  all’s well and ends well. Not a bad track by any means, probably the best message here but, for me, the three preceding songs score higher in the killer department.

Overall, ‘Judas Factor’ is a big thumbs up, and I’d go further to say it has excelled beyond the ‘Messiah Complex Part 1’. Get your copy over on Band Camp, it’s available at the price you choose… another big thumbs up.

A part 3 is promised so watch this space.