Dog Toffee – The Future Has Been

What’s this! A debut EP released 20 years after being recorded, confused, read on…

Future Has been Cover

The story of Dog Toffee starts in the mid 90’s at the latter end of the Manchester rave scene when Factory ruled and Oasis were emerging into the super force that they became. It had all happened in Madchester, the Smiths came and went, pills had popped and a certain Order was becoming not so new.  Dog Toffee played all the venues that counted, eventually finding their way into a studio to record what was to be their debut EP ‘The Future Has Been’.

The story twists and turns several times at this point but in essence they got signed to Sony S2 which quickly became ill fated as the label wanted them to change the vocalist and overall style of the band. This was never going to happen and they parted their ways, continued on eventually recording and releasing 3 albums up to their split in 2006.

The band reformed and finally released ‘The Future Has Been’ on the 24th of March 2017. What strikes me is considering this was recorded in 1996, it sounds so fresh. What the hell were Sony thinking about all those years ago, who knows but perhaps that A&R void has long since been filled.

‘The Future Has Been’ opening track starts with ‘No Contest’ that bounces energy, short and sweet as it is, a perfect opener & a blue print for the rest. Melting into place is ‘King’, sounds almost a reprise in the first 10 seconds but very much its own. Love the mood/temp changes. Backing vocals throughout I am quickly warming to Dog Toffee with their no nonsense rock n roll.

‘Defiance’ departs a tad into a 50’s era groove, think Showaddywaddy on acid locked in a room with Motorheads gear. Doo wops are absent, instead we have some skull shafting power chords, cool, loved this one very much. On to ‘Belgrove’, another old school rocker, instantly there, hooks a plenty, I’m sold. Final track ‘Won’t Miss You’, it’s bolted on the end and sounds like a few songs bolted together medley like. Over two mins for the vocals to kick in, it’s noise noise driving noise.

Overall a solid powerful EP is on offer that should have been released 20 years before but I’m not complaining, just glad to have it on my speakers all these years later. I’m sold, it’s a great release.

Dog Toffee, The Future has Been debut EP April 24th 2017