Distance From Zero – ‘Blasphemy’

I can only describe Canned Static as being in a state of stasis of late. Other commitments and busy schedules in life having taken over at this moment in time. This isn’t a permanent situation and normal service will resume sometime in the future.

It took an amazing track from ‘Distance from Zero’ to jolt my sorry self into at least some sort of Static activity.

Checkout this belter of a song, my absolute favourite so far from these guys.

Distance from Zero – Blasphemy

It’s simply an anti-war song. This song featured on their 2020 album Pilot Error

Distance From Zero are SJ Collier – Bass / Vocals /Guitar, Donna-Marie Stevens – Keys Vocals. Guests on this recording are – Dan Adams – Drums, Stephen Wilson Jnr. – Guitar / Vocals /Production

Links –

Pilot Error – album October 2020 – https://open.spotify.com/album/4v2X1R…


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