Tim Susa – Masquerades

Casting back to October 2016 I found myself listening to (and reviewing) ‘The Hermit – The Gate’. The significan link here is the label to which our current focus shares. As I said in that review, ‘Broque’ records of Germany have a history of releasing superb electronics which cover the leftfield.

Tim Susa – Masquerades

Tim Susa hails from Berlin in the heartland of Germany and his latest release does nothing to dissapoint the broque legacy. The 6 part album gives 54 minutes of minimal electronics that motors onwards and upwards like a fine tuned machine.

Opening with the title track ‘Masquerade’ has lovely ripples of synthiness panning around my head before moving on to the machine like ‘Owl’. Were two tracks in and I’m already sold. This is great stuff, could it raise the bar.

‘Swan’ turns the pace and the mood into a soothing wave of anologue warmth. Probably my favourite on the album but I do also love ‘Owl’. Already sold, I’m forgetting about writing and just enjoying the moment. Moving on to the final 3 tracks of pure minimal house, they twist and evolve bringing you closer to the core.

Highly reccommended release for electronic music lovers as is all of broque releases over the years. Forget the World, forget your human chemestry and dive into the machine.

Release date – 15-5-2020 www.broque.de (and all major download sites)


Wasted Space – The Oscillation

London band , The Oscillation, formed in 2006 reach album number 6 with this 2018 release ‘Wasted Space’. Don’t do drugs kids, just play this…

Wasted Space

Its a psychedelic ride all the way and had me on board from the off. I’m partial to having my brains mashed every now and again so off we go. Trip out synth bubbles and reverbs on mass, it’s musical escapism.

Title track ‘Wasted Space’ holds the candle for me but the rest is neat too. I love the narco feel, it’s electronic but not quantised squeekyness. Ok, no such word but I’m allowed, it’s music journalism.

I really cannot add any more other than go out and buy this album, it is memorable and different. Weird beyond most peoples boundaries and it’s like free drugs every listen.