Distance From Zero – Found Again

A New Year just starting and DFZ are already on it with a New Track. Well, almost new… ‘Found Again’ was originally written for the album ‘Endless Sea’ by Red Sided Garter Snakes (ex-Chameleons John Lever featuring Dave Fielding, members of The Sun and The Moon, SupaJamma, SWJ Group, Bauer and Puressence amongst other excellent North west UK musicians).

DFZ recorded an excellent version that appeared on their Pilot Error album reviewed here on Canned Static, November 2020. Through time DFZ have evolved their sound to the point that ‘Found Again’ needed to see the light as a single version. I loved the 2020 album version accompanied with its minimalistic costal video. The single version takes it up a notch with the doubled up vocals adding a dreamlike quality, almost an anthem feel to the mix. I love it even more and the video is the bee’s bollocks.

The single will be available on www.distancefromzero.bandcamp.com from January 6th 2023.

Can’t wait? Here’s the Bandcamp page for the 2020 version – ‘Pilot Error’ Album.


Distance From Zero – Another Day Another Way

DFZ (busy as ever) drop another video of their new stand alone single ‘Another Day Another Way’. With a subtle shift in a pop direction and a lovely OMD(ish) synth, the DFZ sound still retains. I’m loving the video too.

Check out their Bandcamp – https://distancefromzero.bandcamp.com

Distance From Zero – Shame On You

DFZ hit it out again with arguably one of their best release to date.

‘Shame On You’ goes for the political jugular of our corrupt shits holding the power. Originally recorded back in 2010 the track remained so relivant it was given its proper studio works in 2018 eventually seeing light of day in 2020 as part of the ‘Pilot Error’ album.

They lyrics are so relivant to this (very) day that it’s now got a video update… perfect timing.

The message is strong with a cracking chorus and a backbone bass line to die for. Whats not to love.

Distance From Zero – ‘Say Something’

Back with an echo from their epic ‘new video per month’ 2021 campaign. DFZ are rolling out and ranting on again about the disinformation we are swamped with each and every day. Yes folks its true! Get yer heads out’ the sand and listen in…. Great tune to boot.

Give this great band your support –

Bandcamp – https://distancefromzero.bandcamp.com

facebook – https://www.facebook.com/distancefromzero

Distance From Zero – ‘Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say’

What The Papers Say May 2021

Another monthly instalment for DFZ – What the papers say (the series) continues with yet another belter of a track, got to be my favourite so far and we’re barely half way through 2021. Even better, I have a copy of What The Papers Say (Episode 1), first 4 of the year due for release as an EP shortly. I’m on it so…

Distance From Zero – What the Papers Say

February 2021 edition

Another of those impromptu mini reviews here and its DFZ again….

Ok, it is now well and truly march 2021 and I’m a little late to the party with this one (due to unforeseen circumstances) but Canned Static is back –

DFZ, yet again venting rage at the big bad World (as they have and will be doing every Month) regarding the current political climate we’re all being shafted by.

Cracking track ‘What the Papers Say’. Check it out –

Distance From Zero – Sorry is No Apology (What the Papers Say January 2021)

An impromptu mini review here, could not resist….

DFZ are at it again venting frustration this time on the YouTube platform in the form of ‘Sorry is No Apology’. A side swipe at the insincerities emanating from our so called glorious Bozzer.

All sounds very much a DFZ track, all be it, a quick demo, minus the refinements but this adds to the overall feel. Great chorus and as always they have a valid point.

Interestingly, the band promise to release a series of YouTube videos to collate newspaper front pages for every day of this year. Stay tuned…

Joy Division – Closer (Remastered)

Oh hell, this has been covered a thousand times over but I’m diving into the abyss to revisit an old favourite of mine, Closer.

If you have not heard this legendary cornerstone of indie music then go sit in a corner and suck your thumb. If you’ve never heard of Joy Division then shoot yourself in the nuts with a Taser gun…. twat.

“This is the way step in side“ chimes out of my speakers with nasty glorification and a massive smile spreads across my face. There really is no words for this, it is pure originality that went before the history of clone heads. Paved the way for a new music revolution in sound. Post punk godliness and not a muso in sight. Errors n all to digest the magic.


The stories I’ve heard over the years about this album are legendary and too numerous to account for here but I started to hear all sorts of things way back in the day before I ever played it. Most notably are the ones about having listened once and dare not replay due to suicidal thoughts. I heard this first hand from a close friend who thankfully is still around. I do understand the reasoning as it is very dark and thought provoking. Personally it makes me happy, I want to drive through cityscapes and urban jungles with Colony and Heart and Soul blasting out. I’m young and angry all over again.

Johnny Come Latelys – Collateral Damage

What a surprise! Bands come & go, some fragment and morph into other forms and carry on the crusade. Just when I thought Johnny Come Latelys had done all three, here they are with a return to the fold.

History in brief: Johnny Come Latelys release two EP’s Messiah Complex (2016) and Judas Factor (2017). They reappear in 2019 as Distance From Zero including the excellent What’s it Worth. Each release grew from the other, almost a follow on, raw, fresh and none conformist. We’re back with JCL and it feels right and so the mission continues.

10 track album ‘Collateral Damage’ is a rage at society and all that is wrong. Delivered with venom, it rocks out all the way, snarling bass lines and chopping distortions smash through your speakers and slap your ears with the likes of ‘Suicide Club’ and ‘Wake Up’.

I think this is the best JCL release to date, I’m loving the sub synth melodies that float in and out whereas before it was more of a chord. The political samples are a release too. I’ve been fortunate to have been spinning this pre release for a while now and expect it to be in my playlist for some time to come.

Grab your free copy over on Bandcamp – Collateral Damage out now