Joy Division – Closer (Remastered)

Oh hell, this has been covered a thousand times over but I’m diving into the abyss to revisit an old favourite of mine, Closer.

If you have not heard this legendary cornerstone of indie music then go sit in a corner and suck your thumb. If you’ve never heard of Joy Division then shoot yourself in the nuts with a Taser gun…. twat.

“This is the way step in side“ chimes out of my speakers with nasty glorification and a massive smile spreads across my face. There really is no words for this, it is pure originality that went before the history of clone heads. Paved the way for a new music revolution in sound. Post punk godliness and not a muso in sight. Errors n all to digest the magic.


The stories I’ve heard over the years about this album are legendary and too numerous to account for here but I started to hear all sorts of things way back in the day before I ever played it. Most notably are the ones about having listened once and dare not replay due to suicidal thoughts. I heard this first hand from a close friend who thankfully is still around. I do understand the reasoning as it is very dark and thought provoking. Personally it makes me happy, I want to drive through cityscapes and urban jungles with Colony and Heart and Soul blasting out. I’m young and angry all over again.

Johnny Come Latelys – Collateral Damage

What a surprise! Bands come & go, some fragment and morph into other forms and carry on the crusade. Just when I thought Johnny Come Latelys had done all three, here they are with a return to the fold.

History in brief: Johnny Come Latelys release two EP’s Messiah Complex (2016) and Judas Factor (2017). They reappear in 2019 as Distance From Zero including the excellent What’s it Worth. Each release grew from the other, almost a follow on, raw, fresh and none conformist. We’re back with JCL and it feels right and so the mission continues.

10 track album ‘Collateral Damage’ is a rage at society and all that is wrong. Delivered with venom, it rocks out all the way, snarling bass lines and chopping distortions smash through your speakers and slap your ears with the likes of ‘Suicide Club’ and ‘Wake Up’.

I think this is the best JCL release to date, I’m loving the sub synth melodies that float in and out whereas before it was more of a chord. The political samples are a release too. I’ve been fortunate to have been spinning this pre release for a while now and expect it to be in my playlist for some time to come.

Grab your free copy over on Bandcamp – Collateral Damage out now

Wasted Space – The Oscillation

London band , The Oscillation, formed in 2006 reach album number 6 with this 2018 release ‘Wasted Space’. Don’t do drugs kids, just play this…

Wasted Space

Its a psychedelic ride all the way and had me on board from the off. I’m partial to having my brains mashed every now and again so off we go. Trip out synth bubbles and reverbs on mass, it’s musical escapism.

Title track ‘Wasted Space’ holds the candle for me but the rest is neat too. I love the narco feel, it’s electronic but not quantised squeekyness. Ok, no such word but I’m allowed, it’s music journalism.

I really cannot add any more other than go out and buy this album, it is memorable and different. Weird beyond most peoples boundaries and it’s like free drugs every listen.

Mr Strange – Contact

Stranger than fiction…

A recent jaunt over on the Isle of Wight has me drinking coffee in the Sports Centre at Sandown. Flicking through a local news paper I came across an article about one of the Islands bands plugging their new release. I’m intrigued by the ‘Mr Strange’ name so iPhone in hand, a quick dive into Apple Music and I have ‘Contact’, literally, that very same album in the plug.

Mr Strange - 03

Well this is a bit different from my more recent listening, almost a bit of a throwback at times with layers of influence sometimes difficult to pin down. I hear all the way back to 70’s in places, its funky, electronic, rock, indie with a sprinkle of strangeness.

You could arguably compare (this album) with many other bands but only for fleeting moments during whatever track is playing. The Cramps, T-Rex, Zappa, Julian Cope and a whole boat load more of whatever your background brings to this table; I dunno? Psychedelic  glam could coin it… Also, it’s lovely and ‘goth’ throughout.

‘Contact’ keeps you interested and plays with you in strange ways. It has humour, fun and even a dark serious side. This is the 6th studio album from Saul, Damian and Ant Strange so I’m gonna have to go check their other stuff after I’ve worn this one out.

Mr Strange - Contact 01

I like Mr Strange, they remind me so much of many other bands I’ve loved over the years. Not being able to nail their genre is probable their best appeal, so I guess they are one of the few out there doing their own thing, (cool) and this is something I’ll always gravitate to.

Highly recommended album, go grab a digital copy or a CD…

Links –

Spotify –

Apple Music –


Bandcamp –


Lazars Finest – We Become The Sun

Gravitate to the shining star…

Casting back to Canned Static Review April 2019 (Miss Lily Olay) my ears became acquainted with a wonderful neo-psychedelic Dutch duo named Lazars Finest. A breath of fresh air in an over populated World of sound-a-likes. I was immediately drawn to them for one simple reason… They are out there doing their own thing.

Lazars Finest-WBTS

A heavy influence of the 60’s is stamped throughout their work (another reason to like them) and this time round with ‘We Become The Sun’ I hear a move to a more progressive psychedelic rock feel. Much more of a late 60’s era jangling in the backdrop; think ‘the Beatles’ or ‘Traffic’ meet ‘The 13th Floor Elevators’ and you’re in the zone, you’ll dig it once you’re tuned in.

‘We Become The Sun’ is cool, unpretentious and best of all; ‘Lazars Finest’ are out there doing what they do for all the right reasons. Get over to their BandCamp page and buy this single and check out their other releases too.





Astronauta Slow Dance – DIY – Single

It’s space but not as we know it…

Alternative experimentation in zero gravity with an atmosphere denser than Venus, Astronauta Slow Dance really is out of this World.


I’ve been playing this download from Apple Music for quite a while now and I gotta say it’s mesmerizing. There’s so much going on in and around the background, lovely delayed guitars, shimmering synths and so much warmth.

DIY Single, released as a single in 2016 features 3 tracks so in reality its almost an EP. Nothing is straight forward about ASD. Delving deeper I find a helmet wearing Astonaught playing guitar surrounded by gear. It looks bizarre, a look that goes well with the sound, it adds a certain mystic charm to the whole package.

Astronauta Slow Dance 1

Back on Earth or rather back in Peru is where ASD makes these wonderful sounds with a British Novation synth in the middle of it all. Plenty of atmosphere, it’s a breath of fresh air, go grab a copy of D.I.Y. Single over on the following links –

Spotify     Apple Music     Amazon     Deezer




The Cult of Free Love/Magic Seas – 12” EP

Magic Love Records: 25/10/2019

Waaaaay back in November 2016 Canned Static reviewed The Cult of Free Love’s ‘Love Revolution’. A psychedelic revolution in sound that still resonate three years down the line. The current Cult activity sees them swimming in, or rather with, the Magic Seas for this joint (excuse the pun) EP release of more electronic psychedelia loveliness.

TCoFL (2)

The Cult of Free Love

With two tracks each it really is Love & Magic (should that be magic love): The Cult of Free Love’s two contributions feel hypnotic, sending subliminal trance inducing vibes down your spine. This is a polar shift from their Love Revolution in so far as what I was expecting. I half expected them to rock out more like a Moon Duo but the shift is much more electronic, a nod more minimal and way cooler than the two moonies. It feels like an outsiders inside your head, an out of the box experience and a good one at that. You don’t need a flotation tank to trip out to this… feel the love.

MAGIC SEAS - Press Shot 3

Magic Seas

I’m feelin’ the spirit of 67 resonating over the Magic Seas, it’s an ocean of sound with dreamy indie guitars n all, this is different from the Cult but equally as cool. The two Prudence brothers, James and John are from Chelmsford, but their two track contribution sounds like it’s from LA. It oozes atmosphere and space with lovely shimmering verbs floating off in the distance… go with the flow.

The Cult of Free Love/Magic Seas combined release turns on, tunes in and drops out on the 26th of October 2019 on 12″ Vinyl (Magic Love Records). Pre-Order here



CoFL - MS Split



The Waltones – You’ve Gotta Hand It to Em

The Very Best of the Waltones (2007)

I gotta admit that I missed these guys first time round accidentally discovering them recently via Apple Music. Randomly browsing obscure 80’s indie scene, looking at familiar (to me) bands such as Pop Will Eat Itself & Band of Holy Joy I dropped on this re-release.

‘You’ve Gotta hand it to Em’ is a 2007 compilation, re-release of all the Waltons recordings from their short run from 1984 to 1990 via Cherry Red. During this time they broke through into the indie singles charts several times before renaming to Candlestick Park and finally calling it a day in 1991. Guitarist Mark Colin’s went on to greater success with the Charlatans.

History lesson over, task in hand. I’m here writing this for no other reason than to tell you this band were truly brilliant. Not the best musicians or the best vocals nor the slickest songs around. There’s something really appealing about the whole sound. I guess it’s the cast of that early Manchester scene they came from. Working class lads with everyday issues that we, from the same mould relate to. The jangly 60’s rebirth that leaves an after thought ringing around your ears.

I can’t stop playing this at the moment and the real stand out track has to be ‘She Looked Right Through Me’. Doing my little bit of research I’ve also discovered that The Waltones have very recently reformed and are out there doing the odd live gig. Go check em out and maybe you’ll get the chance to see a little bit of 80’s indie scene history live.

Spotify Link

Maasai – Maasaï

Casting way back to the 2nd of November 2015 saw the birth of Canned Static music blog with our very first review from Canadian rapper SHAM (check out SHAM – Fast Life Cafe). The lyrical wizardry of SHAM first came to my attention with the Illmatic influenced Street Tape. Other releases include Chains of Freedom & LOST. Since the 2015 release of LOST we literally did loose sight and sound of SHAM the man until now.

June 2019, enter Maasai, an electronic experimental Hip Hop duo from Montreal featuring Emmanuel Dusautoir (Drums) & SHAM (Vocals).


Freaking wow, this is very different from what I expected. It has all the hallmarks of a ‘Fast Life Cafe’ but with so much more edge. It’s a musical roller coaster that crashes and explodes but keeps going, you’re on for the ride and don’t wanna get off. It’s dark and light, good & bad ass.

Opening with ‘I woke Up’, a minimal experimental rap with sparse bass, “I woke up in the morning in a bag of roaches, I know death approaches”, “I just wanna blow my mind”. Sets out the feel of the entire album, rebellious, abstract and out there in head space.

‘Astro Trip’ hits a tribal feel with a subtle swelling bass drone (another thing I’m diggin with this album… the subtle bits in the backdrop), its originality is rife and I just wanna keep it spinning. The spirit of Maasai is here, the tribal feel is just brilliant. ‘Lion’ follows in the same spirit, the African Maasai tribe would dance to this in their PJ’s, I love it and can’t get enough

Maasaï the album & band need to be seriously checked out. Real just got more real, go and grab this fantastic release over on Bandcamp, it’s a steal at a mere $5, also if you are in the Montreal area look out for these guys live.

Steam or Download Maasai on BandCamp


Death Cab for Cutie – Thank You For Today

They’ve been around quite a while and I’m still scratching the surface with their past work. Death Cab for Cutie do tend to evolve as time goes by and some of their work has been unduly criticised or overlooked for sounding too different from x to y. Here’s one I recently pulled out and gave a spin.

Ask most of their fans which is their best work and invariably you’ll get answers relating to the early work particularly from the early millennium. Reigning high is 2003 release ‘Transatlanticism‘. Well I’m not a die hard fan but I do love the band generally speaking. My brain is wired up differently and I listen for things that hook me in, stir something deep within. So far my all time fav would have to be the 2011 masterpiece ‘Codes and Keys’ (must review this) and that is not generally regarded in the top 10.

First listen – the 2018 ‘Thank You for Today’ is very much a ‘Codes and Keys’ sound. Very melodic, beautiful sounds, intricate clever word play and flows well but the overall thing didn’t hit me like the latter did. It’s the age old problem if you love a certain album so much nothing else is going to beat it.

Second spin – hang on it is a really good album that holds its own. Way better than some reviews have suggested, in fact it is already my second fav.

Subsequent spins – this is a very good album, has the sound and feel that I love in ‘Codes and Keys’ but not quite a beater. It’s music reflects into the past, reminiscent of various events, a reflection of thoughts that are quite deep in places over the odd pop rift. It is essentially a cool album so thumbs up.

When We Drive (fan video)