Querox – How Life Goes On

The Querox full debut album was released back in 2012 and certainly hit a few nerves quickly becoming crowd favourites in the Berlin scene. Life has carried on, so how does it fair 6 years on…

I’m certainly no expert when it comes to EDM, I’m more so the sort who just likes what I hear when I hear it. Once I’m tuned in to something I become slightly obsessed and tend to run with it for a while. This is the case with this little gem of an album. I love it, play it to death, get bored and forget about it. Several months pass, I rediscover…  and so the cycle continues.

Released on Syndicate records, this was Berlin based Tobias Schiermeier’s first full album under his Querox banner. Officially it is described as prog trance but in my limited EDM understanding, I’d give it more of a lean towards prog house with minimal tendencies. It certainly has melodic encounters in Arpy heaven but on the whole it remains minimal scattered with very clever touches that keep you interested.

I first happened upon this release while surfing YouTube looking at trippy Berlin Festival footage. Suddenly this sound reached out and grabbed me. No description regarding said video so it took a little detective work to figure out the song identity. I just love the use of single word and part human expressive noise samples used with such minimal expanse. It has tons of atmosphere with so much room to move.

In a nutshell, I cannot see much wrong with this hybrid of minimal progression other than maybe at certain points it does sound a little samey, particularly around the middle part of the album but this I can forgive. It’s not a bust album after all.

Yes I love ‘How Life Goes On’ all over again and so it continues…

  1. Dirty Beat Drop
  2. Dancing Angel
  3. Go Now
  4. Berlin Soundtrack
  5. Backstage Girls (feat Monod)
  6. Kiss the ground (Voice:Rea)
  7. Say Goodbye
  8. How life goes on
  9. Fly Away (Querox rmx) – Phaxe
Querox – Berlin Soundtrack