Tilo Voigthaus – Under the Surface

Out today is the new release from Tilo Voigthaus, Under the Surface. The 5 track electronic album features the title track fragmented into nine parts spread out over the first 3 tracks with a mix down radio edit featured in 4th and ending with bonus track ‘Dream into the Blue Ocean’ to round off the release.

In no time at all during Under the Surface part 1-3 I’m on an underwater journey with twists and turns gently guided through a feeling of depth and colour. Its lush, futuristic and nostalgic in many ways. I’m loving the ambient elements that come and go, the 4 to the floor gliding that occasionally level out the whole trip before floating off to some other place.

I’ve been listening to Tilo’s music for a number of year now and he does have a unique character of sound that… ‘sounds’ pleasantly familiar with every release. It is the Tilo sound, so to speak; an evolving style that is an intricate web of pulsating analogue waves mashed into a liquid like substance of warmth (that is the lovely strings & pads). More so in this new release is an undercurrent of interspersed samples that are clever yet subtle. These sound are especially wonderful during the link overs during the changing phrases.

Bonus track 5 is gem btw, very ambient, very nostalgic, very beautiful …………………

A brilliant release out now over on Bandcamp