Astronauta Slow Dance – DIY – Single

It’s space but not as we know it…

Alternative experimentation in zero gravity with an atmosphere denser than Venus, Astronauta Slow Dance really is out of this World.


I’ve been playing this download from Apple Music for quite a while now and I gotta say it’s mesmerizing. There’s so much going on in and around the background, lovely delayed guitars, shimmering synths and so much warmth.

DIY Single, released as a single in 2016 features 3 tracks so in reality its almost an EP. Nothing is straight forward about ASD. Delving deeper I find a helmet wearing Astonaught playing guitar surrounded by gear. It looks bizarre, a look that goes well with the sound, it adds a certain mystic charm to the whole package.

Astronauta Slow Dance 1

Back on Earth or rather back in Peru is where ASD makes these wonderful sounds with a British Novation synth in the middle of it all. Plenty of atmosphere, it’s a breath of fresh air, go grab a copy of D.I.Y. Single over on the following links –

Spotify     Apple Music     Amazon     Deezer