Distance From Zero – Say Something (What the Papers Say October 2021)

Another month rolls on and another rant from Distance From Zero.

Yes it’s What the papers say time with the excellent ‘Say Something’, a surprisingly synth layers gem and somewhat more commercial sounding from previous tracks. Lovely bonus instrumental included.

Listen and love it here –

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Spacemen 3 – Forged Prescriptions (2004)

This is a band I picked up on well late to the party and ‘Forged Prescriptions’ is a revamp of their 2nd album release ‘The Perfect Prescription’ (1987). Spacemen 3 were an indie space rock band who floated around in the late 80’s. Achieving marginal success for a number of years they disintegrated in 1990 just when things were on the up (same old story).

Being a re-issue with built in extras to help promote it is packed with previously lost demos and remixed originals. As a result it does sound odd and out of sorts as do most releases of the like. Also a distinct lack of drums sprinkles more mystique into the mix. Its not a brilliant landmark by any means, rather serves as a relic to a bygone era in the indie evolution. It’s a pick up where you left off type of thing and something to have on in an after party smoker serves its purpose perfectly.