Lazars Finest – Miss Lily Olay

Lovely single release from Lazars Finest, the Dutch duo that produces vibes of psychedelic pop/rock

Lovely, soft and dreamy vocals drift over an acoustic bliss, there’s a throw back feel breathing in the undercurrent. It flows over you like a warm river or maybe a gentle sea. I love the whole feel of this song, it makes me all nostalgic, awe.

Lazars Finest claim influence from alternative styles including 60’s cinema sound tracks which is interesting as well as explaining the throwback undercurrent of nostalgia I experience in every playback.

Miss Lily Olay presents an audio dream scene, I love the warmth it exudes and for that it is highly recommended to go out there and grab yourself a download. It’s on all major download/streaming stores and is even free on Bandcamp which includes the bonus B side track ‘Boracho’ so there’s no excuse. Go get it now.

Lazars Finest – Bandcamp


Dead Captain – Carte Blanche

Back in June 2017 we reviewed the excellent Dead Captain EP, a 4 track wonderment that sprang out of a discarded box outside of a pub (Dead Captain – EP). Fast forward to now and we have this single release ‘Carte Blanche’.

True to form, Dead Captain’ maintain their own distinct sound keeping faith with their vision and views in an urban undercurrent. There’s an edge to this sound, sort of a rawness on the edge that drives along and bites under the clever lyrics. There’s even elements to that ‘UK rock era’ of the late 70’s in there, a slight hint of a vintage ‘Police’ with a more snarling guitar. Ok, I may be getting a little carried away here but take it from me it’s a hell of a good sound.

Like the title suggests, Dead Captain are doing what they want, when they want with all the freedom to move. I hope they keep doing it cos it’s good, nay, it’s brilliant. Carte Blanche is Out now from all the major downloaders.

Download – Apple Music

Las Robertas – Waves of the New

An unusual throwback sound emanating from San Jose, Costa Rica in the form of 3 piece band Las Robertas.

Their 3rd album ‘Waves of the New’ is certainly new to me. I stumbled upon them by accident checking out various internet radio stations and caught about 30 seconds of their track (2nd on this album) ‘Not Enough’ which was more than enough to tweak my interest to search them out all the way to this album. The digging certainly was well worth it; it’s a bit of a gem.

What strikes me about their sound is the bold dive into the whole era of early psychedelic flower power. There’s plenty of rough edges and the structure is simplistic yet effective. Throughout the album there are hints of indie, garage and surf which ties in nicely to their background.

A highly recommended album that’ll induce a fresh California breeze over your day.

Video – Not Enough

Wills and the Willing – Dream in Colour

What lovely breath of nostalgia I’ve just experienced listening to this real life poetic masterpiece. A mesmerising glimpse into the mind and outlook of Londoner Ian Wills.

Just about every time Ian Wills is mentioned in any given respect it is always twined with Ian Dury. You only have to listen for a short time on any given track and the parallels are compelling, it’s like a time shift of 30 years. Not only do the two Ian’s sound alike, they deliver their respective narratives with similar humour on their abstractive visions of Britain and the World around.

Dream in Colour‘ is an interesting mix mash of acoustic electronics, lush backing vocals with pads swirling around the lovely spoken voice of Ian Wills. His poetry is humorous, romantic, politically charged and always genuine. It breaths life into the music industry just as Ian Dury did with the Blockheads in the late 70’s to early 80’s.

‘Black Holes’ anthem like, roles along taking you with it but do you care and are we really running out of apples? ‘Butterflies’ drifts in warming your heart. ‘Running on Empty’ you won’t wanna let go and the title track ‘Dream in Colour’ seals the deal.


The whole album is brilliant, heartwarming, and at times funny yet compelling, ‘Dream in Colour’ delivers everything where Ian Dury left off. One of the best albums I’ve heard since I last purchased some New Boots n Panties.