Distance From Zero – Pilot Error

Familiar sounds bouncing around the room at the mo as I sit back with my feet stretched forward looking out of the window. This is my usual ‘kick back n’ listen’ posture and today I’ll be mostly listening to a brand new release from Distance from Zero.

Over the years Canned Static have covered numerous releases of Manchester’s  ‘Johnny Come Latelys; from their gritty, hard edged debut ‘The Judas Factor’ to a banging collection of tracks that is ‘Collateral Damage’. Yet again I have them on loop, now with a new name and location. DFZ have now gate crashed Cornwall sending a few pasty lovers running for the hills.

‘Pilot Error’ – Eleven tracks over 47 minutes have followed me around for several days and still going strong. ‘Don’t Wrong the Rights’ opens with signature jangly guitars exchanging batons between vocals and keeping my ears hooked in. I feel this is in some ways more of the same from ‘Johnny Come Latelys’ (which is a good thing) but there are subtleties that advance this from the old band. This is a more polished production with more attention to those lovely hooks. It’s all good and still retains the original grit that I so loved about their earlier offering.

Throughout the album the themes are along the same line with a truth and honesty that needs to burst out, an integrity that is right and needs to be addressed and installed within humanity. Occasionally dark, I still find this in many ways uplifting purely from the messages within. In this vein, ‘Found Again’ stands out with lush vocals churning into a haunting chorus, just lovely.

Overall, ‘Pilot Error’ is now in place as one of my favourite album. They have got everything right from the more refined production, vocals and overall craft. Many neat yet subtle musical interchanges happening all over the show, demonstrating an overall advancement in detail.

In all the right ways, I think ‘Distance from Zero’ are on their way, highly recommended. Buy/stream and visit/support…

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  1. Don’t wrong the rights
  2. Blasphemy
  3. Found Again
  4. The Truth Behind the Lies
  5. Candyman
  6. Sick
  7. Mercy
  8. Not in my Name
  9. What’s it Worth
  10. Shame on You
  11. Saved the Day