The Cult of Free Love – ‘Love Revolution’


TCOFL Press Release Image

Harking from somewhere in deepest North Wales, no doubt on a high following Wales’s recent successes in the football arena, this enigmatic collective are certainly making a name for themselves. Their last release ‘Love is All There Is’ completely sold out, yes sold out in these difficult times for non-major label bands. Not an insignificant number either.

Track 1 is called Drone, well named as it does what it says on the tin. A brave first track, most bands would put this on last to drop the vibe right down for their gentle experimental exit but these boys/girls aren’t playing too safe.

Track 2 ‘Jaya Deva’ is more what TCOFL (sorry I got lazy there) are all about. Very much a far eastern vibe going on with some infectious electronic soundscapes & hypnotic Hindi vocals.

Track 3 has so 80’s electro beats in there, can’t get OMD out of my…

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Black Cat White Cat debut album “9 Wild Lovers”

black-cat-white-catThe debut album from Sheffield outfit Black Cat White Cat.The album is to me Twin Peaks small town Americana removed with a polished nice use of guitar vibroverb/ vibrato it has textures that appeal but i think in the song writing department a bit more of the story telling ethic and less of the broken hearted me me me self self self femme fatale tales of wooooh and conquest would enhance the overall impact the band has on the listener.The album is polished and professional.Vocalist Angela Basson has an alluring voice that complements the stylish blues swamp rock sound perfectly.The band play well together and would not have been out of place in Dylan’s Movie “Masked and Anonymous”  but in the song writing dept I think a trick or two was missed.Check it out this band has potential.