Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

I heard this was the biggest selling 12” vinyl of 2012, I’d also heard this was a cool alternative album sprinkling something different, a taste of fresh air etc


I dived into Born To Die with so much expectation as I have not really got the bite recently from something new and exciting and from the off, I got to say I did not gel with this. Not new and certainly not very exciting, in fact somewhat predictable pop with a sprinkling of many other well trod methodology from the bubblegum pop world.

Dressing this up as alternative, trying to be the cool kid on the block; it don’t wash with me. I know Born to Die has had many favourable reviews with some very well known review platforms but I can guess how these well known platforms operate.

If mainstream teeny pop is your bag then got buy it…. nuff said here.