Humm Bugg – Charging the Chopper Ray (single)

Back in July 2020, Canned Static reviewed the wonderful Blue Laser album from Humm Bugg. An excellent venture awash with retro bleeps. Sooooo… Megadrive at the ready, Humm Bugg returns to the fray with more 8-bit glitchness(is that a word?).

‘Charging the Chopper Ray’ is a two track single release consisting of said title track with accompanying ‘Marvellous Fanfare’. Although both combined tracks barley reach the 4 minute mark, short and sweet is what this genre s all about.  First few listens and I feel my head is being mashed (sideways) into an 8-bit arcade machine so I just had to try it…. Yeah, I broke out the games emulator and dived into various Sega, Nintendo and Atari classics accompanied by the Humm Bugg anthems. It works, it really does work.

Short and sweet (as singles are), this release is every bit that nostalgic leap into the 8 bit console. Moving between the tracks on to ‘Marvellous Fanfare’ feels like reaching level 2, you know; that level where you just sense there is something lurking in the bushes. Yet again, more fabulously happy chip music from Humm Bugg, very tuneful it is too.

Another highly recommended must have choice. Go listen and grab your copy over on Bandcamp


Game Over


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