The Waltones – You’ve Gotta Hand It to Em

The Very Best of the Waltones (2007)

I gotta admit that I missed these guys first time round accidentally discovering them recently via Apple Music. Randomly browsing obscure 80’s indie scene, looking at familiar (to me) bands such as Pop Will Eat Itself & Band of Holy Joy I dropped on this re-release.

‘You’ve Gotta hand it to Em’ is a 2007 compilation, re-release of all the Waltons recordings from their short run from 1984 to 1990 via Cherry Red. During this time they broke through into the indie singles charts several times before renaming to Candlestick Park and finally calling it a day in 1991. Guitarist Mark Colin’s went on to greater success with the Charlatans.

History lesson over, task in hand. I’m here writing this for no other reason than to tell you this band were truly brilliant. Not the best musicians or the best vocals nor the slickest songs around. There’s something really appealing about the whole sound. I guess it’s the cast of that early Manchester scene they came from. Working class lads with everyday issues that we, from the same mould relate to. The jangly 60’s rebirth that leaves an after thought ringing around your ears.

I can’t stop playing this at the moment and the real stand out track has to be ‘She Looked Right Through Me’. Doing my little bit of research I’ve also discovered that The Waltones have very recently reformed and are out there doing the odd live gig. Go check em out and maybe you’ll get the chance to see a little bit of 80’s indie scene history live.

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