Lazars Finest – Miss Lily Olay

Lovely single release from Lazars Finest, the Dutch duo that produces vibes of psychedelic pop/rock

Lovely, soft and dreamy vocals drift over an acoustic bliss, there’s a throw back feel breathing in the undercurrent. It flows over you like a warm river or maybe a gentle sea. I love the whole feel of this song, it makes me all nostalgic, awe.

Lazars Finest claim influence from alternative styles including 60’s cinema sound tracks which is interesting as well as explaining the throwback undercurrent of nostalgia I experience in every playback.

Miss Lily Olay presents an audio dream scene, I love the warmth it exudes and for that it is highly recommended to go out there and grab yourself a download. It’s on all major download/streaming stores and is even free on Bandcamp which includes the bonus B side track ‘Boracho’ so there’s no excuse. Go get it now.

Lazars Finest – Bandcamp

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