Faded In Time – Tokyo Olympics

Formed in Dublin as punk outfit DC Nien, they morphed into Tokyo Olympics along with the tide of music & fashion.  Signed to Philips/Polydor in 1981 it was a short and briefly successful for a while yet ending as suddenly as it had all begun.

Tokyo Olympics 002

Vocals – Damien Gunn

Guitar – Paul McGuinness

Synths – John (Sarge) O’Hara

Sax – Joey Cashman

Bass – Brian Seales

Drum – Ken Mahon

Their early tracks have an air of New Wave but ultimately, by 83 they had evolved into that full on New Romantic sound. They toured the UK with a very young U2 in support but time was running out on the New Romantic scene & half way through the tour dates the headline was switched.


After the split in 83 some members lived in and around London for some time. Paul McGuinness fronted a band called ‘Once Upon A Time’ with Sarge O’Hara on keyboards. He later joind Shane McGowans new band ‘The Popes’ eventually taking over on lead vocals when Shane quit (pictured right). At one point Paul served time in prison.

Joey Cashman acted as stage manager for ‘The Pouges’ with occasional sax work. Ken Mahon played on with various bands including a stint with North London band Bary Bright and the Freque Electric. He later returned to Ireland perusing acting roles.

Bary Bright & the Freque Electric 2

Ken Mahon (far right) with Bary Bright & the Freque Electric (1989/90)


  1. Amended blog although I got the original information from an article about the popes. If I remember correctly it was on their site. I knew Paul back in 89/90, hope he’s well. nice bloke.


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