The Hermit – The Gate ( 113)

Broque have a history or releasing superb electronic music covering the leftfield, fringe & ‘off the wall’ side of the style, all of which are totally free to download, latest offering being ‘the Gate’ from ‘The Hermit’, a spiritual theme & journey that does not disappoint. Soaked with an eerie feeling of post industrial electronica, laced with samples and drones, The Gate leaves the aftertaste of emotion long after playing.brq113

Almost a concept or is it full on, I don’t know but each track does bridge over
aiding your own mind to journey on through. Even the song titles suggest a journey or a mission of sorts arriving at the Gate after passing through the Gate Keeper we arrive at my first stand out track ‘Kumara’. This track with its deep driving drone bass really pulled me in there and made that connection.

Aftermath of ‘Kumara’ is ‘the Entrance’ so I take it I am about to leave the outside world and go inside. Well the sound and the mood certainly change at this point onward. Passing through ‘Mirrored’ & ‘Judge’ I now find my stand out number two in the form of ‘Totality’. This is a great synth sequence driven track with a real retro feel, like finding an old demo from the late 80’s and brushing it down with a new master. Final destination track ‘Sky Apokryphen’ (listed as a bonus track)  has that perfect end feeling.

Both weird and interesting in its audio designs and delivery, I like The Gate, I’ll leave it open and play some more when the mood takes me.

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