Future Islands (turning point)

A bunch of seemingly misfit types from Baltimore, USA are very much in demand these days with their relentless touring and recording on the fly. Those early years of intensive ground work have finally started to pay off in the currency of popularity, quite rightly so. It is not just hard work and determination that is propelling these chaps into the realms of a more mainstream band. It just so happens that they are very good.

Every band needs a turning point and in the case of Future Islands that turning point came about during an appearance on the David Letterman show in 2014 (their first TV appearance).

The performance was nothing out of the ordinary to what would be a normal day at the office to these guys but it exposed their brand to a whole new audience whom otherwise had never heard of them. Crazy dancing to one side, what made the real cherry sit nicely on this cake just happened to be that lovely track “Seasons” from the album “Singles”.

The zany chest punching dance routine of vocalist Samuel T Herring could initially be overlooked as a gimmick, but soon you find yourself being sucked in, digging it, a bit of a “yeah, it looks a bit weird but I get it” eureka moment. From that point on, you’re hooked and start to notice the other cool things about this band. The bass player is holding a well knackered bass. The synth is parked on its flight case with a laptop for company. What I love about Future Islands is that rough and ready this is what you get feel that this band have. You know you are watching, well seasoned veterans and everything is second nature to them.


Future Islands could serve a real purpose in delivering a message to all the mainstream manufactured trash out there. Watch this band, they are the real deal and this is how it should be.


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