SHAM – Fast Life Cafe

SHAM - Fast Life CafeSham is a man from Montreal, that we know and he is also a bit of an enigma in the music scene. Stage, studio or rolling his thing down on the subway is all in a stride, there are many sides to Sham but all pulling in the same direction. His previous release “Mix Tape” featured the track “Bullet”, take it from me, that is one bullet you wanna take in the head. From that point on I’ve always known Sham has bucket loads of talent & this latest release strengthens my judgement ten fold, in fact it excels in every way.

Opening title track welcomes all to the Fast Life Café – a soul is laid bare to the World, a World of pain and pleasure, depends what you want, guns, bomb, girls, under and over the counter drugs that gets you so high you’ll crack the ozone. This is a lyrical magician at work who conjures his genius throughout the album with amazing twists and contrasts. This album has been on loop in my car, my stereo & my personal player for 5 solid days. To pick a stand out track for me is difficult but if push comes to shove it has to be “Dream Chaser”. I’m just chasing a dream stuck in-between, where I wanna go and where I’m sick of being. Keep chasing that dream Sham because people like you are few and far between and deserve to be living that dream.

If you’re gonna go and get an album this week then make sure it is this one. Available to download at Bandcamp. It’s a Pay what you want deal but above all just get it on loop



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